Simple Overnight Oats

A year ago I had never eaten or wanted to eat overnight oats – I was loyal to my bowl of porridge or granola and didn’t see the point in soaking my oats if I’m honest!  Then last February I started to look at how I was feeding myself and saw that although I thought I was eating well, I really wasn’t looking after myself.

I would lovingly prepare homemade meals for my two daughters, often with their help so that they would learn good eating habits from a young age – just like my parents did with me.  But then somewhere along the way – probably when I had my first daughter, prioritising me fell down the to do list.

Breakfast would be toast as it was quick and easy and I was able to eat it as I went about morning duties.  Lunch would consist of a sandwich or eggs, and supper would be pasta or another sandwich.  This wasn’t everyday – but definitely on the days when I was tired, which was often!

Last February I decided to try and eat better and to eat more often with the girls at the dinner table – this meant being better organised with my time, something I struggle with in the mornings, but gradually I improved.  My eating habits when I went away were more difficult to manage as when you’re staying in a hotel on your own, trying to find a meal that doesn’t consist of bread isn’t easy.

Here’s where my overnight oats stepped in to save me!  I work away often and need to travel early in the mornings to get places – by early I mean 5am! I can just about manage a shower, getting dressed and making a cup of tea to take with me, but breakfast was a step too far and I use to just grab a croissant.

These oats take minutes to mix together the night before – the first couple of times may take longer as you aren’t sure of quantities.  Set aside 10 minutes one evening before you get too tired and make up a jar to take to work.  I can guarantee a tasty breakfast that will keep you going until lunchtime and a feeling that you have looked after yourself.  This obviously can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home and is a favourite of my girls too.  I sometimes get them to help me before they go to bed.

Go on, give it a go tonight…


  • 40g Oats – I use jumbo organic oats
  • Pinch of salt
  • 1 tbsp Flaked Almonds
  • 2 tbsp Raisins
  • 1 tsp each of Linseed, Sunflower seeds & Pumpkin seeds
  • 1/2 tsp Ground Cinnamon
  • Zest of 1/2 Lime
  • 1 heaped tbsp Greek Yogurt
  • Enough milk to cover


Mix all ingredients together in a bowl or straight in your jar/tupperware box, cover and pop in the fridge overnight.  In the morning – eat it!!  You can loosen the mixture with a drop more milk in the morning if you want.  Don’t forget to take a spoon with you for your commute!


TIP:  Use whatever dried fruit you have or fancy if you don’t like/have raisins.  The same goes for the almonds and the seeds.  Use different spices and citrus fruit to change the flavours too.

2 responses to “Simple Overnight Oats

  1. Thanks for sharing this Beca- I didn’t realise you don’t necessarily have to heat oats! What a healthy and lovely sounding breakfast 🙂 Georgie x

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