Christmas Gift Ideas – Give the Gift of Baking

I don’t know about you, but I often struggle to think of interesting or different gifts for loved ones.  And there are a certain few who are near impossible to buy for – you know the ones, they have everything, leaving you clutching the Argos Christmas catalogue hoping that divine inspiration is on page 257…I’ve checked, it’s not there.

What I tend to do now is buy the grown-ups in my family either vouchers or an experience – especially if it’s to go on a course to learn something new or to improve.  It’s essentially the gift that keeps on giving and you will benefit too, especially if it’s a cookery course!

Getting vouchers for a cookery course is a thoughtful gift too – but also, it’s one you can do last minute if you really have to!  And yes, I’ve definitely done this before – bought vouchers for somewhere for one of my loved ones on Christmas Eve….but sssshh, don’t tell them I told you!

If you’re struggling to think of a gift for someone, why not check out and book them onto one of my baking courses at Seasoned Cookery School?  From my half-day Macaron making course to one of my all-day Baking courses, there’s something to suit all types and all levels.

Here’s a little more information on them for you with handy links straight to the booking page to make things easier.

Half-day Macaron Making Course


A great technique packed half-day course covering all things Macarons.  I often get asked, tweeted or messaged about Macarons and all the issues that come with this pretty little mouthful of deliciousness.  On the course, I will show you step-by-step how to make the Macaron shells and several fillings, including savoury ones!  A great gift for someone who has maybe tried but needs a little guidance with Macarons, or maybe for the baker in your life who’d like to learn a new skill.  Click here to find out more about my half-day Macaron making course.


Baking Fundamentals


My Baking Fundamentals course is a great course teaching the essentials for all sweet and savoury baking needs. Cakes, pastry and bread baking – all sorted.   A fun and relaxed day with other keen home bakers, that aims to show how to be a little bit more confident in the kitchen with their baking.  The recipes are simple bakes with little twists that will surely wow loved ones when back at home and baking up a storm after their day on the course.

 Baking Tips & Tricks


Do you know someone who enjoys baking and would like some inspiration to create and try new recipes and techniques?  My Baking Tips and Tricks course will give them more confidence in their technique and also learn some new skills and recipes that will push them to the next baking level of scrumptious.  Recipes include making hot water crust pies, religieuse – including choux pastry, crème patisserie and chocolate ganache amongst other things.  A perfect day for the baker who’s looking to have fun with other like-minded bakers and add some new tricks to their repetoir.

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