The Great British Bake Off 2016 – Dough Week

Thought I’d do a recap on last week’s Bake Off, but in light of all the Bake Off news that has happened since, I thought I’d just share my thoughts. What a few cake-tastrophic few days it has been, not only is the tent of cake dreams relocating, but the buttercream filling that sandwiches the show together, Mel & Sue are leaving. I’m just waiting now to hear what Mary & Paul will do and how the show will work on a different channel. 

I’ve been thinking lots about the show over the last 48 hours and how grateful I am for having been one of those fortunate enough to experience the tent. I can’t begin to properly explain to you what it’s like….it’s just one of those experiences that I will never forget and will cherish forever. I then start to think about when I applied, and if I would have applied for the show if it was on another channel – and I don’t think I would have, because Bake Off is quintessentially a BBC programme and to me, the BBC has always had a certain standard of production that I look up to.  

It took Love Productions a few years to get the idea commissioned and the channel that took the show under its wing and gave it a chance to flourish was BBC Two. The show has now reached the giddy heights of a ridiculous gingerbread construction showstopper challenge and is known globally. It has won 9 BAFTAs amongst several other awards with viewing figures knocking spots off all the competition.

Now with the series being aired on BBC One and in its 7th series, maybe it was time for a change to keep the show fresh, but no-one was expecting a move away from the BBC and losing Mel and Sue at the very least. People often ask me if the delicious double act are annoying when you’re trying to bake – they are the most amazing support team any of us could ever have wished for and the show will simply not be the same without them. From stealing essential ingredients for your bakes to just having a general chat whilst you’re watching (praying for) your bake. Aside from my fellow bakers, Mel & Sue made my Bake Off experience complete.

Is it a little ‘sad’ that so many of us are getting so upset about a show about cake? I don’t think so! With all that the world is throwing our way, a little sofa time watching 12 normal people bake in a tent is pure indulgent escapism of the sweetest kind and I’m completely ok with that.

I hope that with all of this going on, that the experience the current batch of bakers had in the tent won’t be tainted and that Bake Off fans remain loyal to the show and their support for the bakers until the new Bake Off King or Queen is couronned.

Bring on Batter Week and let’s hope it’s better than Bread week with all its dough.

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