The Great British Bake Off 2016 – Biscuit Week

Ahead of tonight’s Bread Week in the Tent, here’s a quick recap on what happened last week during Biscuit Week.

Can’t quite remember what happened during Biscuit Week?  Well, apart from the usual collapsing biscuit constructions, we had several Bake Off innuendos and some interesting biscuit flavours.  From Louise’s Bara Brith flavoured Sheep biscuits, to Selasi’s use of scotch bonnet peppers – the flavour spectrum was all over the place.  Mary even liked Rav’s coconut flavours – a first if you ask any of us previous bakers!  Poor Louise dropped her tray of biscuits and had to quickly roll out and cut more – and at this point I started to worry about the Welsh hairdresser.


Meanwhile, we see a very interesting shot of Tom doing something with what looked like a sausage at home….thankfully he tweeted me to tell me that he was actually making Salami – but you know those Bake Off producers, anything remotely innuendo-esq and it’s in.

The technical was a rather tricky Viennese Whirl filled with buttercream and jam and looked delicious, but we quickly saw that no-one had any idea as to what to do – the method sounded particularly sparse which is frustrating, but those who stayed calm managed to turn out a good batch of the biscuits – apart from the one who’s always calm and cool!!

Before we knew it, it was Showstopper time and both Louise and Val had to really pull something out of the bag to impress Lady Mary and the Dunker.

The descriptions and grand plans for the gingerbread construction all sounded bonkers.  Andrew was going to recreate punting down the river in Cambridge, Kate was going to make a Brownie camp using three different doughs and Candice was going to replicate the pub she grew-up in, including a gingerbread sticky carpet!!  My eyes were glued….this was going to be good.

You could see proper panic setting in when he bakers had to start constructing and they all wished they had at least two more hands each to help – as well as two more hours, oh and that it wouldn’t be judged on National TV.

The last few minutes of the challenge resembled what a disaster film would look like in miniature via the medium of gingerbread.  Several of the pieces collapsed, Santa looked like he was an extra from a zombie apocalypse and Louise’s Welsh chapel…well, it looked like it had seen better days.

I was shattered after that challenge, and the judging hadn’t even started!  Luckily, there was so much innuendo and smut scattered through the judging that I laughed my way through the aftermath of the showstopper.  Apparently Mary doesn’t mind eating carpet, Paul thought Val’s sister tasted lovely and Candice needed assistance from Mel to grab her jugs.  Enough said about that the better.

Sadly, it was Louise’s time to leave the tent after what was just one disaster after another.  But with her gingerbread sticky carpet and lime jelly pool table, Candice and her pub was crowned star baker.

And now we’re straight into Bread Week tonight – Paul’s domain as we’re fully aware by now.  I’m hoping for at least a few over-proved and over-worked from Paul, just to remind me of the horrors I went through during my bread week in the tent.  Bloody English Muffins….

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