GBBO 2015 – Week 4, Desserts

Dessert week on the Bake Off usually means petite fours, as small as you can physically make them, but full of flavour.  This year however desserts = creme brûlée, 2 different types of meringues and then a tiered cheesecake showstopper; so LOTS of eggs and gallons of dairy.

Now, you don’t really need to mess too much with the classic creme brûlée, but as it’s Bake Off, then you do need to show willing and hope that your flavour combinations please the judges, and if in doubt put in lots of booze.  Sadly this caused Paul’s CBs to curdle and from other Paul’s reaction was too strong….it was probably spot on for Mary.

Tamal’s rhubarb with ginger sounded amazing, and I knew that somehow he’d come up trumps, along with Ian, aka Teacher’s Pet.  Sadly Paul did not like the pomegranate, but technically his CBs were perfect.  A few of the bakers had issues with their CBs not setting, and when I saw Sandy’s soup in a cup, I was worried.  Flora had setting issues too but seemed to please on presentation and flavour.  Any mistake at this point could see any of the bakers in the danger zone….it’s a horrible feeling.

The technical was very cheeky.  I’d never heard of it before, but essentially it was a pimped up pavlova.  None of the bakers had made or even heard of the torte and there was a definite hush of concentration throughout the tent during the challenge.

When Paul’s meringue cracked, I worried that following his scrambled egg Brûlée that a bottom of the technical would mean curtains for him, but the clever boy nailed the technical and came top of the heap.  A very emotional Alvin was bottom which meant that both Sandy and Alvin would have to go into the showstopper, all guns blazing (or as Bal the sound guy would say, “organs blazing!”).

The showstopper, a tower of cheesecakes of course.  I blinking love cheesecake and much prefer the baked kind to the fridge kind.  Tamal and Ian’s wacky use of herbs sounded daring, but we all knew that both of them could pull it off and it would be between them for Star Baker.

Having baked these delicious cakes of cheese, the bakers then had to impale them with rods in order to construct a tower of the sweet delights….why no, it is Bake Off after all!

As predicted, Ian was awarded  Star Baker, although I do think that Tamal should have received it this week and mix things up a little!  And, my worse fears were confirmed when Sue uttered Sandy’s name as the 4th to leave the tent.  I’m going to miss you Sandy!  You made me laugh out loud and had a cracking personality, and could obviously bake.  You will be missed.  I now need to find a new favourite.


Next week, it’s free from week, which use to mean free from flavour, but I’m hopeful that this talented bunch will create some yummy things.

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