GBBO 2015 – Week 1, Cake

Bake Off is Back

Hooray for the return of Bake Off!  It was a bit weird not watching it live and tweeting, but I caught up with all the baking shhhhhhh-enanigans an hour later and it was lovely watching it and not being stressed!

As always with the first episode, we didn’t really get to know the bakers that well, or their style of baking.  But some characters definitely started to shine through the nerves, including Sandy, Matt and Flora. Sandy made me laugh out loud with her measuring of the booze, and Flora’s calm and organised manner really shone through her bakes, especially the showstopper.

Alvin managed to save his wonky technical cake with buttercream and meringue frosting to be crowned top of the first technical and Little Dorret definitely got the medal for the first *gasp and look at TV screen through hands* moment.

Overall, the bakers seem lovely. I did however find the signature and showstopper challenges a little boring, with not much scope for creativity. Both Mary and the Male Judge said that they like the classic Madeira and BFG….so why not have it as a technical then?

I did like the technical challenge, a classic that not many people would have made, but tested the bakers with 3 different elements – 4, if you include the exact cutting of the walnuts…that’s 1/8 according to Mr H.

Mel & Sue were as always a dream of a team, with puns and innuendos drizzled throughout the show.

Well done to the first Star Baker of the series, and commiserations to the first to leave.  Never mind eh? It’s only cake after all!

The Bake Off was comforting to watch and it’s great to have it back on our screens.

Next week is biscuit week, so expect towers or structures or maybe even 3D models of Mary and Paul made out of shortbread and cookies, being held together with homemade fondant and LOTS of caramel.

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