The Great British Bake Off – Should you apply for series 5?

I can’t believe that it was a year ago to this week that I started my GBBO adventure!

As always, I was gripped to the series and loved watching all the characters bake their hearts out in the infamous tent.  Watching the likes of Cat, John, James and Brendan was making me dream of being in the tent and every week I’d sit and watch the TV, wondering what I would have baked if I was there.  I had thought about applying the previous year, but I was 8 months pregnant and didn’t think that was a good idea!!  I’d thought about applying again, but wasn’t sure if I would, but then as soon as series 3 finished and the end credits rolled up with information on how to apply for the next series appeared, I had my husband, parents, brother and sis-in-law all at me saying I should apply….talk about peer pressure!!

I didn’t really talk about the application or tell many people that I was considering it, suppose I didn’t want to big it up and then find out that they weren’t interested in speaking to me!  I eventually decided late one Monday night in early December to fill in the form and send it off.  It was a long application form, which I managed to make even longer as I just couldn’t stop writing!!  I clicked send just before midnight and thought, well at least I’ve tried!

I woke up the next morning and carried on with chores as normal, getting Mari up, breakfast, the wash – oh the glamour!  I’d totally forgotten about the application form until I received a phone call at around 9:30am from someone I quickly become very close to.  It the lovely Alex from the TV company for the Bake Off and they wanted to do a phone interview…from then onwards it has been one crazy, stressful, amazing adventure and I’m so glad that I sent that application form in!

I could give you a detailed breakdown of the whole audition process, but I don’t think that would be fair…plus there are some blogs out there already with the information should you really want to know!  My advice would be fill in the form and be 100% you.  You never know at the end of the day!  All of us bakers this year applied not really thinking we’d get to the tent, but we did!

On your application form, make sure you get across your passion for baking – they want to hear about the good and the bad stories, your influences, why you bake…get everything down as the form is your opportunity to stand out and to get through to the next phase of the audition process.  Send images of your bakes, a loaf, a birthday cake you made for your nephew, a pie you made – anything that shows you have a broad range of baking skills.

Finally – just go for it!  Wouldn’t you rather send in the form and not hear anything than sit and wonder what if…?   Deadline for application forms is the 10th January 2014 and here’s a link to download the form: Just do it!!!!

Good Luck and Happy Baking!!! xxx

Lego Beca GBBO

16 responses to “The Great British Bake Off – Should you apply for series 5?

  1. I SOOooooo wanted to apply – however, after reading the Ts and Cs I think I’m unable to due to owning a business in which I bake (a bit) already. Though we aren’t a bakery (we are a cafe in the main), I think it rules me out…

      • Good plan! Why not hey! Though I don’t know what the wife-to-be would say if I was successful and she then had two cafes to run while I was sweating in a marquee baking!

  2. The thing that puts me off is the time away – was it all continual weekends in Somerset, and long hours? I presume mostly filmed in Spring / early Summer as well? It’s such a busy time for my day job as an event manager that I’m not sure I’d fit it in!

  3. I frequently get friends/acquaintances telling me to apply. Each series in fact.
    What terrifies me is how high the bar gets pushed each year. I have a (blank) application in my To-look/sort out box. Guess, I’ll never know until I send it in….

    • Seriously, send it in. I dithered for 2 months and don’t regret it for one second. Yes the bar does get higher, but your passion will get you there. Also, let the bake off team decide your fate, all you need to do is get all your baking passion down on that form and send it. Don’t regret not sending it in.

      Do it and good luck! Xxx

  4. Just finished and sent my form after everyone begging me to do so! Don’t think I will make it to the marquee but like you said I’ve tried and now it’s up to them 🙂 xx

  5. Hi, I just wondered if they invited you to the next stage of auditions straight away while you were still having your telephone interview, or if they called you again after the phone call? Thanks!

  6. Hey, how long did you have to wait after your phone interview to find out you made it to the auditions?
    🙂 Thanks

  7. I applied and I’ve had a telephone interview in December 😀 😀 do you know when people would start to hear about whether or not they’ve made it to audition?

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