Saffron, Caraway & Orange Iced Buns

Iced buns are a childhood classic, always a treat from the baker’s on your way home from school and one that should continue to be a classic for years to come.  Here’s a grown-up version with an interesting flavour combination, but one that I love.

Saffron, Caraway & Orange Iced Buns – Makes 24 small buns


  • 500g Strong Bread Flour
  • 10g Dried Yeast
  • 10g Salt
  • 250ml Tepid Full Fat Milk
  • 45g Sugar
  • 65g Unsalted Butter
  • 2 Medium Eggs
  • Zest of 1 Large Orange
  • A Good Pinch of Saffron
  • 6g Caraway Seeds, ground
  • 250g Icing Sugar
  • Juice of 1/2 Orange


Warm the milk gently in a pan or in the microwave until body temperature, take off the heat and add the saffron to infuse. Put the flour and salt into a large mixing bowl and rub in the butter, then add the sugar, yeast, orange zest and caraway and mix until evenly distributed.  Add the eggs and milk and bring the mixture together into a ball and tip out onto the worktop.  Knead the dough until smooth – the dough will be very soft and sticky, but persevere until smooth, around 10 minutes.  Place the dough back into the bowl and leave to rest, covered with a tea towel at room temperature until doubled in size, at least one hour.

Whilst the dough is proving, prepare your muffin tins by greasing them with a little butter.  Once the dough has doubled in size, scrape it out of the bowl and knead for 10 seconds then weigh the mixture so that you can divide it equally into the muffin tins.  Each ball should be between 40-43g each.  Divide the dough and roll into balls/bun shapes and place in the muffin tins.  Cover the tins lightly with cling film for the second prove, around 45-50 minutes.  Preheat the oven to gas mark 6/200 Celsius, beat 1 egg to use as eggwash and lightly brush the tops of the buns with the egg, making sure not to let it dribble down the sides or onto the tin.

Bake the buns on the middle shelf in the oven for 15 minutes, I did this in 2 batches, then leave the buns to cool completely out of the tins on a wire rack.  While the buns are cooling, make your orange water icing by adding just enough orange juice to the icing sugar so that it’s a good piping consistency and pop it into a piping bag ready to ice the buns.  Place a sheet of greaseproof paper under the cooling rack and ice the buns to your desired amount of icing – some people like a lot, some not so much…it doesn’t matter as long you’re happy.  Eat immediately, but if you can’t manage to eat all of them then store in an airtight tin in a cool place.


Yummy iced buns…go on, you know you want to bake them!

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