Teenage Dreams & Chocolate Bread

Chocolate Bread.  Oh yes, such a  thing does exist and yes, it does taste as amazing as it sounds!  I first encountered chocolate bread during my teenage years.  One of my best friends worked the night shift at a large supermarket down the hill from where we lived and I would often go and keep her company during her late night break.  We’d raid the reduced aisle for snacks and always stopped off at the bakery counter to pick up a freshly baked loaf of chocolate bread.  We’d sit in my little red car in the car park and gossip whilst stuffing our faces with the chocolate bread.

She’s still one of my best friends and was until yesterday pregnant.  So as a pregnancy treat last weekend, I baked her a huge loaf of chocolate bread…needless to say the loaf didn’t last long, and actually the baby didn’t last much longer either and was born a week early!  I take full credit for the early arrival of the baby!

The recipe for the loaf is very simple; I used a basic sweet dough recipe and after the first prove, I rolled out the dough to a rectangle and sprinkled on a lot of chocolate chips.  I rolled the dough up into a long swiss roll, cut lengthways then twisted the two pieces around each other, like you would if you were making a couronne.  Very yummy and very more-ish!


One response to “Teenage Dreams & Chocolate Bread

  1. That chocolate bread looks absolutely gorgeous! I made it once before and I added some cocoa powder to the bread mix, which I would recommend for a very rich loaf – it would last a bit longer, at least, because of how rich it is! 🙂

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