Bread of Heaven

I love bread.  It is my Achilles heel during diets as it’s the only thing that I crave and I always struggle to give it up…so I don’t!  We all know that shop bought bread is just fake plastic bread; it instantly forms a ball of dough in the roof of your mouth and it is just unpleasant to eat…but it’s also a guilty pleasure, especially when you’re slightly drunk and all you want is white toast with lots of butter.  I’m not a food snob, and although I try to make my bread as often as I can, I still succumb to buying the odd loaf from the supermarket – more so for my husband’s sandwiches!!  Anyway – I’m digressing!  As well as loving bread, I’m passionate about making it too – any kind, sweet or savoury.  There is something VERY satisfying about making your own bread.  It was an activity that I did lots of whilst I was pregnant, and there is nothing better than homemade bread, toasted with proper butter, Marmite on one  slice and jam on the other for breakfast with a cup of tea.

Richard Bertinet is my bread God, and I was lucky enough to attend one of his bread courses back in February – a Christmas present from my lovely Mam and Dad.  During the one day course, Richard covered the basics of bread making and also told us to “show the dough who’s boss”!!  Although I’d been making bread since I was very little, I found Richard’s method of teaching and kneading really worked for me, especially as the dough recipe that Richard uses is quite wet and he taught us how to handle the wet dough with our hands rather than using a dough hook on a machine.  I use a lot of Richard’s recipes weekly since the course as well as creating my own recipes and flavour combinations, but there’s nothing nicer than a white or wholemeal loaf.  Don’t mess with perfection!  Here’s my latest creation for you all to drool over…


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